Welcome to Dallier’s Hope Messenger!

Dallier's Hope Flag

Dallier's Hope Flag

Greetings Exhibitors, Staff and Visitors of “The Rock” known as Dallier’s Hope! Here you will find up-to-date information regarding events, spotlights on members of Staff, as well as features on some of the spectacular builds around our magnificent meteor spiraling through space!

Our exhibitors are the first members of the colonization known as Dallier’s Hope. As the first residents of this futuristic community, their mission has been to express their visions of the future of Virtual Worlds! Here you will see photos and read about experiences of the participating residents who are together celebrating Second Life’s 6th Birthday!

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  1. Rigel is a blue-white supergiant that makes up the lower right corner of the constellation Orion. Rigel shines at magnitude 0.12 and its distance is still uncertain but can be said to be approximately 800 light-years from Earth.


    Just thought I would point that out.

  2. Briddy and I will be there representing The Underground!! We’ve got a huge line up of DJs and can’t wait to get them on the decks for a peek into the future of the virtual music scene!! yay! And WOWZA! The builds on the sims….AMAZING!!!

  3. I have been jetting around the colony watching the magic happen. The SL6B Exhibitors are busy at work and SL6B Staff humming along.
    So much goes into a Second Life Birthday that is behind the scenes that you never see, that part is the magic.
    Special thank you to all of those who make the magic happen. I am ever in awe of collaboration and the talent of our community. Thanks for all the hard work and Happy Birthday!!!

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