The Birthday Gift went Missing!

Missing Gift Box!

Missing Gift Box!

Many of you know that suddenly and unexpectedly the big pink birthday gift box created by Allatu for the event has vanished entirely. We have been absolutely stumped about this!

It was packed with gift that were to to be distributed after the opening ceremony! Now, we just have a big empty space where the Gift Box once sat! We’ve asked exhibitors if they’ve seen the big pink gift ties with a bow and yet no one has. If you perhaps run into it, please let someone on staff know so we can recover the gifts within!

Stay tuned to the Dallier’s Hope Messenger for the latest information and updates on the Missing Gift Box!

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  1. Is it too obvious to ask if the citizen that rezzed the box has checked their lost and found for it? *shrugs*

  2. She had it sitting out since development and packed it with items as they came in, then one day as I was flying around, I ran across it behind the main stage and thought it was odd that she moved it… the suddenly she comes to me and says it was gone all together. “I said, Allie, thats because you moved it behind the center stage!” She said “I didn’t!” we went and looked and it was not there anymore. She looked for it in her inventory and it was not there either. It had a script in it that made the top pop off when opened, (They actually just went invisible to give the illusion as the lid appeared next to it) so we thought maybe the whole thing had gone invisible! I’m flying around with highlight transparent on just in case!

  3. According to my timelapsed map, it’s present on shots taken up to the 12th at the location you gave.
    Between 12th and 17th it is still there, but one sim off to the north.

    I don’t see anything that looks like it on shots from the 18th onwards.

  4. I saw some suspicious characters roaming the area in viking helmets.

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