The Paradox

So the first place visitors to SL6B will arrive at is The Paradox – this is the main arrival point for the event. it not only decontaminates them upon entry, it also serves as a high intake conduit for any vitamin D they will be missing out on during their stay with us.

We’ve added the latest AV Self regulating transport system from Allat Industries. Each representation of a planet from our beloved home system will move the user to the destination of their choosing.


The build is wonderful, visually and aurally, and sets the tone for The Rock in a grand and awe inspiring way.


You can TP directly to this point by following this SLURL:

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  1. Everything looks so awesome at SL6B. A Must See!

    A lot of work has gone into this. Celebrate Second Life’s 6th Birthday. It’s really amazing what collaboration and imagination can bring about!

    Thanks to all!!!

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