Meet Kazuhiro Aridian

Kazuhiro Aridian

Kazuhiro Aridian

Meet Kazuhiro Aridian! Kaz is one of the builders of infrastructure here on Dallier’s hope whose contributions can be seen throughout the entire grid. From creating indigenous alien flora, to building the beautifully realized Synchronity Auditorium where many panel discussions will take place, it is with no doubt that Kaz’s vision has deeply influenced the direction and atmosphere created wherever you see one those signature installations.

Kaz is a Second Life content creator who has created some of the most amazing and high concept avatars and sculptures on the grid. On a visit to Aletheia, Kaz’s sim, one finds themselves standing in a world unto it’s own. Your senses are fully saturated with intensely stunning visuals that does more than appeal to the eyes, it appeals to the mind. Kazuhiro’s works are all directly from a self-written mythology.

Working closely with the organizers, Kaz’s input has been tremendous in establishing our collective concepts of the Future.  Below you will find some of the most remarkable visions directly from Dallier’s Hope, with an unmistakable Kazuhiro flair!

The Drayven

The Drayven

Explore The Paradox

The Drykes

The Drykes

Teleport to The Paradox

Synchronity Panel Area

Synchronity Panel Area

Teleport to Synchronity

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