But… What Does It Mean?

Dallier's Hope Flag

It’s been tossed around in various chat groups for the great Birthday extravaganza… speculated about… contemplated… and still, some don’t really even give a flying saucer! The Dallier’s Hope history is a ripe one indeed; So many only imagine what must have happened between the “then” and “now” that brought us here to where we are today. And those that were here then most certainly never anticipated what it would become… Much the same can be said of Second Life!

If you’ve been a Dallier’s Hope info junky (You know who you are, those of you who’ve found all the info signs giving back-story on installations and regions, wanted more on spacial location and indigenous species!!) or happened to trip across even a small portion of it, you know our glorious home was founded by visionary space adventurer Ghorman Dallier who planted the first flag in the dried soils of The Paradox!

But why was it hopeful? Was Earth in Peril? Is Dallier’s Hope in fact one Big virtual world of the future as has been suggested? Are we all living virtual lives, having downloaded ourselves into a simulated space environment while our physical selves remain in stasis elsewhere? Is Dallier’s Hope just one planet in an endless universe of Virtual Worlds then, and maybe while we’re the new generation space Colony, 300 light years to our North is a world of cotton candy clouds and peanut butter and chocolate waterfalls… maybe the world is what we make it, after all. Maybe it *can* be anything we want.

Maybe that is what Ghorman Dallier though so many, many years ago. Yes, it seems like it must have possibly run in the family.

Maybe you will figure out the History of our Ghorman Dallier… perhaps those who’ve asked may just need to look a bit closer. After all, we are on T Minus 6 days from… well, I think it’s best you decide. 😉

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  1. >Are we all living virtual lives, having downloaded ourselves

    Actually, the term is “uploaded”.

    See my exhibit at all its levels to see an important book by Dr. Dallier that is now, well, out of print for various reasons.

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