Cyber Octopus World!

Cyber Octopus Story

Cyber Octopus Story

I kid you not! This is a tremendously innovative exhibit by Kyota Spitteler that is as intriguing as it is fantastical. The history of her exhibit focuses on a Marine Life that, in a clever addition to the Dallier’s Hope ethos, was brought to The Rock with the first pioneers. The Octopus adapted to the Marine Life by developing a thick skin which retained it’s moisture in an unnatural environment, and then further evolved into a species called Mother Octopuses (Or is it Octopi?!) Whatever, I’ll just affectionately call the one on display “OctoMom!”

A Mother Octopus Youngling

These evolved creatures developed a sort of kinship with their human counterparts on the New World, living in harmony with one another. Featuring a great Octomom with her tentacles outspead, you can even walk up to her and give her thoughtful smooch if you’re inclined!

A Gentle Mother Octopus

A Gentle Mother Octopus

Kyota has also created a great machinima about her SL6B exhibit which tells the story of their journey to the future! Make sure you stop and visit Cyber Octopus World today!

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  1. very interesting 🙂 going to visit asap

  2. wow! thankyou— 🙂
    please touch “OctoMom!”
    get a octopus cloth 😀

  3. wonderfully inspiring. I had a dream last week: of an octopus, her arms covered with loving eyes. Went to Google to look whether such octopusses really existed and found your film, most inspiring, consoling and heartlifting,


    m e.

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