Are You A Superhero ? Asks AM Radio

by AM Radio

by AM Radio

He be a Future shaper

He be a Future shaper

A question asked by the artist AM Radio, he goes on to say ”Welcome to AM Radio’s One Thousand Heroes! Second Life is a world where anyone can become a super hero! To start you on your super story I can provide you with a super hero’s transportation! The 1936 Superdyne. Simply touch the car to make it your own at no cost!”

A superhero car? “How can I save the future?” you ask. Drive the car to find out! This car is fast and you’ll want practice, and when you’re ready, you to will know how to be a super hero!

AM’s goal is to make 1000 such heroes at the SL6B event – so if  you feel so inclined please come along and help him. There is more information to be had about this car and what to do with it but I am not going to post that hear – now why reveal it all? No, no, no …. Come see for yourself if it peaks your interest! The fun is discovering for yourself is it not?


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