Dalliers Hope SL6B Mystery! HELP!

The Culprits!

The Culprits!

Hope you’ve got good flight controls, CyberTroopers! You’ve been called into active duty to reclaim our gifts from those rotten little rodent Aliens in The Paradox! They’re flying around cackling and shouting obscenities at anyone they see and we need our Birthday Gifts Back!


  • Each Alien is carrying a Library of Loot items; Some common, some rare!
  • After a prize is claimed, the Alien retreats for 10 minutes to get more gifts from his stash!
  • The Aliens give back the gifts randomly from their stash! Two people won’t get the same gift in a short period.
  • One Alien is carrying a special GUS Security Bot for your very own – complete with commands!
  • The Quest for the Birthday Presents ends June 29th @ 11:59pm when the mothership returns to collect the twerps!
  • All Aliens fly – And fast! They have propulsion technology! Jetpacks! Keep up if you can!
  • Once you teleport into The Paradox, make your way to the ground!  They’re not THAT high up!
  • Prizes were donated from Second Life residents! THANK YOU!
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  1. I am terribly confused – I am here and have caught many, many aliens, but I have not received a single prize. Is there something that I need to do besides click on them and select “catch”? There is no information here. Please post some additional instructions. Thank you.

  2. Hi Tymmerie,

    Don’t select them, just left click them, you have to be close enough though 😉

  3. great event, I just wonder if you shouldn’t put a few more aliens out! There are a couple of people here and the aliens are so infrequent. I also blogged the hunt, so that’s gonna bring even more people here xD just a suggestion tho.

  4. I showed off my new Alien Baby in my blog.

  5. Interesting article. It must be appreciated.

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