V-TV is Virtually Chatty!

The V-TV Crew

The V-TV Crew

We live on the cusp of interoperability. An ability that will one day be the standard of all virtual worlds. We will port from place to place, from experience to experience; Yes, Fashionistas, even from store to store. 3D worlds will replace web pages, which will have become as obsolete as an 8 track player. You will move through the net as a traveler through space… not surfing via your web browser. We are seeing threads of this today, and an Exhibit called V-TV by Misprint Thursday (Love that name!) Oberon Onmura and Cinco Pizzacato explores that possibility in a simple concept.

The Data Room

The Data Room

You are dropped into a black box that is filed with bits of floating data- seems simple enough. There is a box in the center that, once clicked, tells you that it has it’s own email address. Flipping to your browser you can send it an email and the text of that email appears above the box in Second Life. When I arrived, someone had submitted a lovely poem! It is one world talking to another. It is a beautiful example of the very beginning of this futuristic concept.

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