Top Tips for Survival at Dallier’s Hope

It’s not easy being a resident of an asteroid hurtling through space.

Here’s some top tips to make your stay at SL6B as much fun as possible.

1. Set your lighting to region default – we are in the dark here – there’s an awful lot of glow if you have your lighting set to anything else but midnight. Hey cut us some slack, we are in space!

Argh My Eyes!

Argh My Eyes!

Ohh, much better!

Ohh, much better!

2. Try to wear low lag outfits. It’s tough to look svelte in a busy sim, so do yourself and everyone else a favour and try to keep your arc down as low as possible. I have managed to look rather fetching (if I say so for a blue chick) on an arc of 559 – it’s possible to keep in the theme and have fun with it and not feel like you are walking in almost set concrete 🙂

Big Hair, great but not wise for here!

Big Hair, great but not wise for here!

3. Wear sensible shoes. The terrain here varies, and frankly heels aren’t going to cut it.

Fab shoes, but not good for yo,ping around an asteroid..

Fab shoes, but not good for yomping around an asteroid..

4. Start in the north sims and work your way down – the sims are all pretty busy, but if you want to see every exhibit, start at the top of the grid and work your way down, you will be travelling in the reverse direction of the crowds, and it will be much easier.

Start at the top, work down...

Start at the top, work down...

5. Stop and talk to people! The community feeling here at The Rock is fantastic, stop and talk, make some new friends, and while you are stood talking, your world will rez that much easier.

6. Grab some freebies. The aliens at The Paradox are simply amazing, catch one today – you may never look at a freebie hunt the same way.

Aliens amongst us..

7. Take a tram. it helps to rez the sims for you, you can get off at any point, and you never know who may jump in with you!

Tram Hi-Jinks!

8. Have sounds enabled on your computer. There are some amazing ambient sounds been created for the exhibitor builds, and the infrastructure – this is a visual and aural delight!

9. Catch some DJ’s or a live performance. We have DJ, and musicians from all around the globe, with something going on 24/7

10. Theres a world of events listed at: check out a few!

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