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Stardate: 00019.53000 Zenroid Log
Location: Below the cloning station situated on a ground level area is the power station named The Paradox. I made the following observation; green amoebic cells running ground up through the pipes surrounding the power hub – these organic cells are the core power to the colony, they are able to conduct and retain electrons which are then converted into bio friendly fuel. The cells are naturally occurring deep within this asteroid and were discovered by Dr. Audrey Camembert who was part of Dalliers early landing team. She saw a green oozing glow seeping from the ground and after some testing the unique properties were first discovered then later enhanced to become the fuel. This glowing property was also used as a light source on the roads here on the rock. The one down side is it smells rather like burnt toast – which really is a minimal downside to this most amazing energy source.


Be aware this area is not terribly suited to stilettos.

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Here we all are!

After a very late night (that was in fact a very early morning in the end), and then a few hours sleep, we had a pretty flawless opening ceremony, and then the gates opened!

It was quite amazing to see the grid fill up, and yes it was/is laggy, but isn’t that the sign of popularity?


Well done all, and if you are here exhibiting give yourselves a pat on the back, and if you haven’t dropped by yet? What are you waiting for?

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Exhibitors Building Extension

Due to technical difficulties and intermittent access we have extended the build time for all exhibitors until 11:59 SLT on June 22nd.

5,000 regions will be going down beginning at 10:30 SLT tonight, meaning that an enormous amount of region will not be available and we are not certain how Dallier’s Hope will be affected. In light of this unfortunate circumstance, we feel it is in the best interests of our exhibitors to maximize their build time.

Please keep any eye on the official Second Life Status Page for more information and resolve times.

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Welcome to Dallier’s Hope Messenger!

Dallier's Hope Flag

Dallier's Hope Flag

Greetings Exhibitors, Staff and Visitors of “The Rock” known as Dallier’s Hope! Here you will find up-to-date information regarding events, spotlights on members of Staff, as well as features on some of the spectacular builds around our magnificent meteor spiraling through space!

Our exhibitors are the first members of the colonization known as Dallier’s Hope. As the first residents of this futuristic community, their mission has been to express their visions of the future of Virtual Worlds! Here you will see photos and read about experiences of the participating residents who are together celebrating Second Life’s 6th Birthday!

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