Top Tips for Survival at Dallier’s Hope

It’s not easy being a resident of an asteroid hurtling through space.

Here’s some top tips to make your stay at SL6B as much fun as possible.

1. Set your lighting to region default – we are in the dark here – there’s an awful lot of glow if you have your lighting set to anything else but midnight. Hey cut us some slack, we are in space!

Argh My Eyes!

Argh My Eyes!

Ohh, much better!

Ohh, much better!

2. Try to wear low lag outfits. It’s tough to look svelte in a busy sim, so do yourself and everyone else a favour and try to keep your arc down as low as possible. I have managed to look rather fetching (if I say so for a blue chick) on an arc of 559 – it’s possible to keep in the theme and have fun with it and not feel like you are walking in almost set concrete 🙂

Big Hair, great but not wise for here!

Big Hair, great but not wise for here!

3. Wear sensible shoes. The terrain here varies, and frankly heels aren’t going to cut it.

Fab shoes, but not good for yo,ping around an asteroid..

Fab shoes, but not good for yomping around an asteroid..

4. Start in the north sims and work your way down – the sims are all pretty busy, but if you want to see every exhibit, start at the top of the grid and work your way down, you will be travelling in the reverse direction of the crowds, and it will be much easier.

Start at the top, work down...

Start at the top, work down...

5. Stop and talk to people! The community feeling here at The Rock is fantastic, stop and talk, make some new friends, and while you are stood talking, your world will rez that much easier.

6. Grab some freebies. The aliens at The Paradox are simply amazing, catch one today – you may never look at a freebie hunt the same way.

Aliens amongst us..

7. Take a tram. it helps to rez the sims for you, you can get off at any point, and you never know who may jump in with you!

Tram Hi-Jinks!

8. Have sounds enabled on your computer. There are some amazing ambient sounds been created for the exhibitor builds, and the infrastructure – this is a visual and aural delight!

9. Catch some DJ’s or a live performance. We have DJ, and musicians from all around the globe, with something going on 24/7

10. Theres a world of events listed at: check out a few!

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by Maya Paris

by Maya Paris

The Funky Fembot you can dance with!

Want to see for yourself? ok, Sure thing! Put a smile on your face and show all of your teeth!

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Reading in an alien garden

I’m all for a little bit of a relax. After a hard day yomping through the murky dust of The Rock (not in stilettos I might add), sometimes I want to just relax and have something take me away from all the dark and uncertainty.

The Garden

Reading in an alien garden is a calm oasis, and if you need to have a  few minutes peace away from  the hustle and bustle, and I strongly urge you to go visit one of the most immersive and beautiful plots in the whole of SL6B. I am a sucker for a garden, and I am a sucker for a good story. I am not going to tell you what to expect when you get here, because discovery is almost all the fun, wouldn’t you agree?



Please come and visit.

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The Last RainMaker

The Last RainMaker

The Last Rain Maker: This Arid land of darkness – leaves us to see

The Last Rain Maker: the very last rainmaker to remind us of what used to be
The Last Rain Maker: machine made illusions is all we now have – a distant memory of dream time confusion
The Last Rain Maker: this be the last rain maker

A bio dome encased wheat and poppy field, with art donated by Bryn Oh, Mantis Oh and Cube Republic. The Last Rain Maker cloud falls from the sky which hangs above the asteroid surface in the semi sphere twilight, generated by a Scope Cleaver build … an avatar oasis of the future, built by and for the community – we be the collective. This has been projected to your minds eye as a parallel illusion. Blink.

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DJ Stage at Futurist !

Build By Prad Prathivi

Build By Prad Prathivi

Hanging suspended in a time flux above the colony that is SL6B, is Futurist. The pale blue strobes wash away the ions of lag from you, in a blissful dream state. This is the place to be if you want to dance yourself into oblivion.  Many top act DJ’s will be playing here all week so make sure that you don’t miss out! Feel the vibe … welcome to the new generationists.

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Take a Tram Ride at SL6B


Dotted at various places all over the SL6B grid you will find tram stations. These stations are magic! You touch them and right before your very eyes a tram appears! The tram then takes you on a tour of the SL6B grid which takes about 35 minutes. We would like to thank Blazed Undercity for his volunteer efforts – and we highly recommend that you try it out- all the sims are set to midnight by default , which is the very best way to see this colony of ours. Singing, whilst travelling on the trams is also actively encouraged.

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Inspire Space Park (lite)

There’s not much I really need to say about this exhibit, the pics I snapped will say so much more.

Earth and his fabulous team, have given us all a great treat – please check this place out as soon as you can.


Visit here:

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A Visual Snapsnot of SL6B

Center Stage - Crown JewelThe Last Rain MakerThe Cloning StationObservation TowerSL6B The Birthday Cake
Image Credits Poid Mahovlich

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The Paradox

So the first place visitors to SL6B will arrive at is The Paradox – this is the main arrival point for the event. it not only decontaminates them upon entry, it also serves as a high intake conduit for any vitamin D they will be missing out on during their stay with us.

We’ve added the latest AV Self regulating transport system from Allat Industries. Each representation of a planet from our beloved home system will move the user to the destination of their choosing.


The build is wonderful, visually and aurally, and sets the tone for The Rock in a grand and awe inspiring way.


You can TP directly to this point by following this SLURL:

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SL6B Trailer 2 Released!

Hi all!

So I was flinging my cam all over the place again, and came up with this second trailer for viewing pleasure 🙂


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