Machinima at SL6B

Machinina Podism

A Viewing Pod

A Viewing Pod

Machinima Podism is a pod circle featuring a selection of machinima films from the following artists РChantal Harvey, Dizzy Banjo, Toxic Menges, Rob Danton, Michael Verdi and Mescaline Tammas. Machinima podism is part of an infrastucture build here at SL6B which was created by Mantis Oh. Mantis helped us with a lot of seeding builds here at the event, to create am immersive backdrop to our event Рa big thank you goes out to him!  To see each film take a seat inside a pod by sitting in it and set you r media stream to play. Each pod will pay a different film.

You can find podism here –

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The future of virtual worlds will take the many forms of visualisation.